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Second Life is an online game created and published by Linden Lab, it's an extremely popular and well known online game especially for the endless possibilities in user generated content. You essentially have one big online world and it's up to you and the other people inside the game to fill that world with your own, selfcreated content (apart from the content that's already built by Linden Lab). In order to do this, the game comes equipped with a very unique and advanced system to create your own objects from scratch. When you've created one of these objects, a house for example, you can either sell it for ingame money (if you have some land to sell it on), "drag" it to the game world so you and other players can enjoy it, and do numerous other things with it! Endless possibilities! You can also create custom scripts so you can make your selfcreated car drivable (for example). Of course many options in this game require real life money (such as buying land), but you don't need real life money to have fun in this great online world! If you haven't got money for your own piece of land, you can always use the land browser and travel to someone else's! There is only one downside--the need to purchase ingame money with real life money if you REALLY want to be someone in this big world.

Second Life: What makes it different?

The thing that makes Second Life a unique game in the big market of online games, is the user generated content. Everything's possible, and it's up to you how you play the game. You determine who you are inside it, and what you do! It's also a great thing, that when you (for examply by getting a job in the game) get some Linden Dollars (currency ingame), you can transfer those "fake" dollars into real life ones! Also, the thing that makes this game unique, is the community-- one that has the patience to rebuild real life structures inside the game (such as the Eiffeltower).

Second Life vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Second Life)

There are tons of online gaming worlds trying to copy Second Life's succes. Among them are IMVU and Entropia Universe.

Second Life compares to these two games by providing an enormous world with tons of user generated content and players.  While the other games do this too, it is lesser quantity. Also, I have experienced IMVU to be a lot less of an open world then Second Life.

Additionally, I have found Second Life to be much less user friendly and harder to understand than IMVU.  While it contains a lot more options than IMVU, you need to take your time to learn them all. In other words: easy to learn, hard to master! Also you CAN AND WILL feel restricted in Second Life if you do not spend money on ingame items which is a pity.

Second Life: Pricing & packages


Second Life: The base game is free, you can play for as long as you want. But if you want to have more options, such as for example importing textures to create your own clothes, you will need to pay, you can pay by small bits and you are not necessarily bound to a "paying contract".

IMVU: IMVU delivers a lot for free, while some things cost ingame cash (such as new clothes). The ingame cash can be aquired by doing things ingame, and can be bought, so you don't have to buy something!

Entropia Universe: The game itself is free to download and play, although players with little money (or none at all) face restrictions in their actions.

Second Life: Product images & screenshots
Second Life Coupons
Second Life: Customer reviews & comments

A collection of customer reviews & feedback

"There is no game like Second Life because Linden labs (the creators) don't provide the content, the users do. Linden Labs provide the land (server space) and the currency exchange, but everything from vehicles, clothes, hair, eyes, skins, shoes, pets, to sex toys are made by and sold by other users. It's like real life, only better."

"The ability to show others your own work makes the game the unendingly original, organic environment that it is. But all said, Second Life is what you make of it."

"This microcosmic world holds together only because its players agree to suspend their reality and believe in each other's fantasies. If you find yourself too sceptical to join in with this shared hallucination, you'll find little entertainment here."

"The creator of SL has as his signature in the SLforums a quote by Mahatma Gandhi "You must be the change you wish to see in the world. " Secondlife is user created. 99.9% of what you see in world was made by a member. There is no game to secondlife but there are many games in secondlife. Anything you can dream, you can build. Well at least you can try to build it,lol. Secondlife is the closest thing the the metaverse I have seen. They recently made joining completely free. You only need pay a fee if you wish to own land. No the graphics aren't cutting edge, but the creativity and imagination behind what you find in world is top notch. It's not for everyone, but you will never know if it is for you until you try it. And even if it is not what you expected secondlife gives you the tools to make it what you want it to be. It is definately worth checking out. "

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Comments (2)
Kat2 Jinx (online avatar name)

Second Life is not a game. It's an open world with unlimited possibilities for exploring and creation, very much like our real lives.

You don't purchase Second Life, you join online. You can roam the world for free, or join a premium account if you choose.

Today exist a lot of online games about wich people can read dissertation with full of details about them. 

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