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Enter the online world of Jamaa and unleash the animal in you. Get acquiainted with the different animals and explore nature, that's what Animal Jam by National Geographic aims to do. See the image above? That's Jamaa. And that's where all of the adventure takes place.

Well, what exactly is Animal Jam? It is an MMO RPG brought to us by Smart Bomb Interactive and National Geographic Global Media that is catered towards kids who love animals and the outdoors. They aim to provide a gaming environment that is:

  1. Fun;
  2. Safe;
  3. Exciting; and
  4. Interactive

But is Animal Jam just for Kids? The answer is a resounding no. I have registered as a free member in order to carry out this review and I would say that I was instantly hooked! This game could be enjoyed by individuals of all ages. I encourage all of you to try it out. It's pure fun.

National Geographic Animal Jam: What makes it different?

(Great facts about the animal kingdom are scattered throughout the world of Animal Jam)

The Pros of Animal Jam

  • Graphics - Animal Jam features beautiful cell shaded graphics and great animation for the in-game characters. The environments are detailed and encourage exploration.
  • Huge game world - there are a lot of areas to explore, all with different secrets and achievements to unlock.
  • Child friendly - Animal Jam has a kid friendly environment that even blocks indecent language thus making it an entirely wholesome game.
  • User friendly - the game is easy to pick up and play. Just create an account and you will be exploring the world of Jamaa in no time.
  • Minigames - Animal Jam is jam-packed with minigames that just about anyone would enjoy.
  • Very informative and educational - players could get amazing facts just by exploring the land of Jamaa.
  • Free to Play - anyone with a valid email address could register and play Animal Jam for FREE! A paid membership is also available which would dramatically increase the features that you get from the game.

(Gems are used to buy accessories for your animal, items for your den, play minigames, and much more.)

The Cons of Animal Jam

  • Loading pages - you must be prepared to see the constant loading page. The locations in the game are packed closely together and going from one location to another always shows you a loading page. A fast internet connection helps remedy this.

(Animal Jam is an extremely interactive and sociable game)

National Geographic Animal Jam vs. primary competitors (sites similar to National Geographic Animal Jam)

Can't get enough of online games? Check out these other games:

  1. Neopets - this online RPG is definitely suited for kids. It features different mythical creatures that you could adopt and explore the land with and play different minigames.
  2. Farmerama - this site provides lots of differnt mmo rpg games for kids.

Animal Jam vs. Neopets

  • Graphics - the graphics of Animal Jam trump the graphics found in neopets. Animal Jam features 3D cell-shaded graphics while Neopets only features static 2D graphics. (Advantage Animal Jam)
  • Sound - both games have decent music and sound effects (tie)
  • Online interaction - Animal Jam offers better player interaction as players could visit each other's dens, trade items, participate in minigames, and lots more. (Advantage Animal Jam)
  • Gameplay - Animal Jam has greater variety in gameplay because it offers a full 3D environment where players could move about, more minigames and lots of other options. (Advantage Animal Jam)
  • Kid-friendly - both Animal Jam and Neopets offer a safe playing environment for kids (tie)

Animal Jam vs. Farmerama

  • Graphics - Farmerama's graphics are no match against  Animal Jam's. Farmerama just looks like Farmville. (Advantage Animal Jam)
  • Sound -  Animal Jam has better use of sound and music as compared to Farmerama.(Advantage Animal Jam)
  • Online interaction -  Animal Jam has better online interaction to players. (Advantage Animal Jam)
  • Gameplay - I got bored when I was testing Farmerama. (Advantage Animal Jam)
  • Kid-friendly - both games offer a safe online environment forthe kids (tie)
National Geographic Animal Jam: Pricing & packages

By using clicking here, you could register and play for free courtesy of Knoji. However, being a free member also has a lot of limitations. To lift the limitations and thoroughly enjoy the game, you could become a paid member. Animal Jam has three different memberships that you could subscribe to:

But you are already paying for free you say? Here are some benefits that you get when you opt to become a paid member:

  1. You can buy every accessory, wear every piece of clothing, get limited edition items and collect rare accessories.
  2. Members could purchase every den item, unlock every den slot, etc.
  3. Members get free exclusive gifts every month
  4. You could play as any animal if you are a member
  5. You could choose a lot of emoticons to really express how you feel
  6. And a lot lot more
National Geographic Animal Jam: Product images & screenshots
National Geographic Animal Jam Coupons
Get 1,000 Gems @ National Geographic Animal Jam
National Geographic Animal Jam: Customer reviews & comments

What's the buzz about Animal Jam around the internet? Here are some excerpts:

From - "Kids can learn about plants and animals while they explore virtual ecosystems and make friends... Since this site is a National Geographic product, it's expected to have strong nature photos, videos, and graphics; solid information; and generally be a high-quality production -- and it is."

From brainsforgames - "Kids are ostensibly learning about animals and the wonders of natural world, but Animal Jam is primarily a colorful chat-room that rewards mindless consumerism and treats animals as fashion accessories."

From - "National Geographic Animal Jam is a fun, entertaining and educational online game for kids ages 5-11..."

From - "Animal Jam is a colorful, virtual world for children to explore.  Now, it says it is for ages 5 – 11, but my 3 and 4 year old’s are hooked!"


Based on my experience and the reviews of other satisfied users, Animal Jam is really worth the look. I thoroughly enjoyed the game myself (because I probably have the brain of an 8 year old). It has great graphics, great varied gameplay, and lots of educational content.

The Verdict

Are you a parent that intends to grab a game for your child? Are you a gamer that wants to try out something new? Try Animal Jam. It's free! And most importantly, you won't be disappointed.

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Comments (4)

I like this great review, thank you.

Sounds fun, good review!

Ranked #20 in

It is fun to play... Especially if you are a kid at heart. I play it a few hours a day. lol :)

That might be an informative and educational experience, but the effect could be even intensified if the children come for a visit.

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